Our IG litter L is here out of Fiesta + Leonel

27 of May – it is my dad’s birthday. This year he had an anniversary – 50 years! The first gift my father received from our blue italian sighthound FIFA (Fiesta Valentyna Premium). Early in the morning at dawn appeared long-awaited puppies. Fifa gave birth to 4 wonderful healthy puppies: 2 boys (isabella with blue mask and gray one) and 2 gray girls. All the babies were born weighing +/- 200 grams. Recall, that this is the last Fifa’s litter. Since in September she will be 8 years old.

The boys received the names Leo and Lazurit, the girls – Luna and Lyra.

Zabava Znaty Lazurit – symbol of good luck, success and prosperity. It is a mineral of blue or blue with inclusions of golden pyrite, creating the impression of stars shining in the dark blue sky. Lazurit – a stone of communication, it provides transparency and clarity of mind, allows you to clearly and logically express their thoughts. His vibrations help to properly organize everyday life, reduce tension and anxiety, reduce confusion and increase concentration. He has the ability to reveal the creative potential of the individual.

Zabava Znaty Leo – In translation from Greek means “king of beasts”, “lion”, was also used by the ancient Israelis. From the Hebrew it is translated as “heart”. Leo’s name means the need to dominate. And – regardless of how justified such a desire in specific circumstances. Conflict with someone who is certainly stronger – not scary, but rather the opposite – provokes. With age, only the “weight category” changes, and priorities remain the same “Stronger, higher, faster”. The main features: intelligence, goodwill, justice, spinelessness.

Zabava Znaty Luna – a natural satellite of the Earth. With the lat. Means “enthusiastic”, from the Proto-Slavic – “bright.” It symbolizes the propensity to continuous movement. “Egoza” and “fidgeting” in childhood, practically does not change with age: the love of changing places, inability and unwillingness to appreciate stability in any form often cause loneliness. But loneliness does not weigh down. On the contrary, it is often perceived as an obligatory attribute of freedom, which is the only way of existence, the basis of motivation, a “fetish”.

Zabava Znaty Lyra — was named after a small constellation of the northern hemisphere, lying between Hercules and Lebed. Means predisposition to the life of the ascetic. Able to sacrifice, not even for the sake of some high goal, but simply because “he can afford it.” Give your favorite toy. To turn from personal happiness for the sake of another’s happiness. As a consequence, there is an urgent need for the presence of an “application object”. There must be someone to whose feet you can “throw the whole world.” Otherwise, life will not make sense.

Breeding plans 2017/2018, puppies ZABAVA ZNATY

Italian sighthound and borzoi kennel “ZABAVA ZNATY” happy to announce plans for the next two years.
2017 year: only ONE italian sighthound litter. Detailed information can be found below in this article. The birth of the puppies of the Russian Borzois is not planned this year. Puppies of Russian borzoids are rarely born in our kennel, in order to grow a litter, first of all healthy, high-quality and worthy puppies of Russian borzoi, this is a very hard work, worth not small financial costs, so we can afford this luxury not more than 1 time in two years.
2018 year: one borzoi litter & two ISs litters.
You can call us for more information by phone +38 063 971 79 96 Liudmila or  by e-mail klzabavaznaty @ gmail.com or What’s up / Viber / Telegram. Preliminary recording for puppy is welcome.

We are very responsible for the selection of owners. Our puppies should get into loving and permanent hands, to owners with whom communication support is possible throughout the life of the pet. If you are NOT ready to become a part of our friendly family, then you should not buy from us a puppy…

Litter L ♥


We are pleased to announce that our Fifa IG (Fiesta Valentyna Premium) is pregnant! Her pregnancy was confirmed on ultrasound. Last puppies she had 2.5 years ago, in January 2015. In September of this year, Fifa will be 8 years old, so this will be her last litter (4th). After she fattening puppies, in order to prevent disease as females has, and other inherent given breed IG, in the future, she will be sterilized. Recall that Fiesta in the past gave birth to 3 wonderful litters litters and summarily produced 20 descendants: 12 males and 8 females (black, blue and gray color). Hopefully, this time, Fifa will please us wonderful kids 🙂

We do not accidentally choose a cream-colored male for our Fiesta, he was imported from France, named Leonel Royal Prize Du Zephyr De Bizance. He is a young, not big levret (36 cm), a promising boy who has just started his show career in Ukraine. An intriguing combination of blood, very interesting what color will have newborn babies. We look forward to these children !!!


The following year, after a 2 year break planned exit mated our blue IS Esma (Zabava Znaty Esmee). We still choosing the groom, there are a few interesting сandidates, which would have made a good pair of our Italian Greyhound girl. Detailed information: the name of our groom, the genealogy of the future litter will be published a little later, when we are already certain in future mating.


3 years after the last kids, we have again planned mating of our italian sighthound Tusia (Zabava Znaty Tionetta Fire Lady), isabella color, which is co-owned by our kennel. In 2014, she gave birth to a remarkable 3 puppies same clean and saturated color Isabella as herself. Detailed information will be published by the end of 2017, when we define with the dog. This will also be exit mating.

All puppies we sell are professionally grown on super premium food and natural food, examined by a veterinarian at least twice before the sale, vaccinated with modern vaccines, as indicated in their veterinary passport, have documents of the official dog breeder system of the UKU, FCI member.

When sending a request to us, we will be grateful if you write some information about yourself: who you are, from where, what is the purpose of purchasing a puppy (show / breeding / sport / pet), under what conditions will the puppy live (house / apartment). It is also important for us to hear your experience with the sighthounds, if there is no experience, then with dogs in general. Do you have other animals, please specify.

When we receive all this information, we will reply to you as soon as possible. We are very careful approach to the choice of the owners for our puppies, because we plan to keep in touch with the future owners of our pets throughout their life. If you are interested in a puppy, you can contact us by e-mail klzabavaznaty @ gmail.com or What’s up / Viber / Telegram +38063 971 79 96 Ludmila

IDS-Romania, Satu-Mare and new INTER Champion in our kennel

We decided that we should not rest on the couch for a long time and also inspired by the victory of Daniil in Belgorod, was decided to go to Romania, Satu Mare city, where were the international dog show – the double CACIB, hoping to get the coveted last CACIB and executed the conditions and close Daniil’s International Champion title. We signed up for one day only. Two Russian borzois were registered in the catalog. Competition for our Daniil was a young chic junior male. Expert in the ring and Best of the 10th group is the expert Alfonso Castells Lladosa (Spain). I thank him very much for the high evaluation of our boy. Daniel became Best of Breed and took 2nd place in the group. Best of group 10 was almost in full force, about 8 representatives of sighthounds, 1 place lost to the Afghan hound.

We express unlimited gratitude to our close friends Annushka Mozheiko, Daniil’s super handler, for her skill, the ability to immediately find a common language with him, you and Dania are LOVE, definitely 🙂 Thank very much to Taras Mozheiko for his support and care of our big boy at the show 🙂 Guys, Thank you for bringing our champion boy to Romania and bringing back him to us as Multichampion and Interchampion!!! Also thanks for the photo from the ring to Lesya Smykovskaya. The results of the trip:

IDS – Romania, Satu-Mare
22.04.2017 / FCI-CACIB
Judge – Alfonso Castells Lladosa (Spain)
2 borzois in the catalog

Zabava Znaty Daniil – exc CAC CACIB  BOB BIG-2  New Romania Champion & INTERCHAMPION


Borzoi Zabava Znaty in Belgorod (Russia)

Zabava-Znaty-Daniil-Best-in-group-2-Belgorod-2017Russian borzois Zabava Znaty opened the exhibition season 2017 🙂 Our main fabulous male Danechka (Zabava Znaty Daniil) and his equally gorgeous mother Kasia (Apriori Kassiopeya), on 9th of April visited Belgorod city in Russia, where was the international dog show FCI- CACIB “Belyi gorod 2017”. Almost a year our borzoi Dania rested from the exhibitions on the couch, Kasia around 2 years for sure, but this did not stop Dania from getting around the young, promising, local male dog and becoming the Best Dog (CACIB), as well as the Best representative of the breed (BOB) in competition with local female. He closed the Champion of Russia and Champion of RKF (Russian Cynological Federation). According to the catalog, 5 Russian borzois were recorded at the exhibition, expert examination in the ring and Best of the 10th group was conducted by Aleksei Belkin (Russia). In general, we are satisfied with the results of our Russian wolfhounds, as Dania climbed one step higher to achieve the title of International Champion! Just a pity that Kasia has not received her last cacib… She would just completely fulfilled the norm and would become International Champion. There are no happenstance, so it’s too early to rest on the couch and we must continue to conquer the expanses of neighboring countries 🙂

Many thanks to Anna and Taras Mozheyko for spiritual travel company, for your support and assistance in the exhibition, as well as in the ring and after it, because to travel alone with two russkaya psovaya borzaya (borzoi) is quite difficult and it’s not easy travel like with Italian Greyhounds 🙂 So guyes, what I want to say, travel with you – a real pleasure, thank you! Special thanks for the photo to Oleg Bochkov. And our modest results of the trip:

09.04.2017 / FCI-CACIB
Judge – Aleksei Belkin (Russia)
5 borzois in the catalog

Zabava Znaty Daniil – exc CAC CACIB  BOB BIG-2  Ch Russia & Ch RKF
Apriori Kassiopeya – exc CAC R.CACIB Ch Russia

Special IG show in Zaporozhye (Ukraine)

This weekend, on 11-12 of February, in Zaporozhye city held two national exhibitions “Zaporozhye Cup 2017” and “V.I.P Dog Zaporozhye 2017”. Within the framework of the second, a mono-breed show of lewrettes was held, the main initiator of which was the second year – Talina Savenko. Due to family circumstances, unfortunately, past mono-breeds in Lviv (organizer Oksana Rodych) and in Zaporozhye in 2016 were missed.For two years we were limited only exhibitions in Kiev. After a long break, we decided that it’s time to come back and stretch our and dog’s bones. In addition, there were several excellent reasons for the trip: the dog show should be not in Kiev, I longed to break out somewhere for some time, I want to support the organizer of the mono-breed show of the italian greyhounds, well, and to see how will shown in the ring our white star of the kennel – Manyasha (Mantra Des Princes De Minos), which we bought in France a couple of months ago. So, we decided to go one day back and forth.

Specialty show took place February 12, 10 IGs, it was stated in the catalog. Unfortunately, not all italian sighthounds (levretki) arrived, so it was only 9 dogs. Examination in the ring was conducted by Ozan Belkis (Turkey). We were the first time under his expertise, the first impression was good. A pleasant man, he examined dogs carefully and carefully, without sudden movements, dogs were not afraid of him, paid much attention to movements, carefully examined the teeth. He really liked our Mantra, which debuted at 4 months in the BABY class, the expert noted the ideal movements in such young age. I want to note that before the show, we didn’t visit the Hengdlig halls with Mantra. Honestly, they took it with them for socialization. I was very pleasantly shocked when our white diamonds calmly left the ring, well, how calm, jump-skok of course, but not a frightened girl, but a very cheerful and joyful wagging tail. Mantra showed herself perfectly, she was well on the table, the expert examined his teeth calmly himself. The girl stood still and did not climb on my head. I am very happy her debut, I can say that he has passed on 5+.

Also, after a year’s break in the show ring acted our Esma. Despite the slightly full condition after the birth of the puppies in August 2016, she became the Best Female in competition, and also the Best representative of the opposite sex (BOS), because BOB won male. Even after a 4-year break in the ring, our old lady Fiesta, who this year will turn 8 years old and she will move to the class of Veterans.

I want to thank our friends Kate and Sasha for assistance prior to and after the ring, for pleasant company and a mini tour of Dnepropetrovsk, where we went after the show. In general, our dogs have shown themselves perfectly, who for the first time, who after a long break. We were very satisfied with the organization, thanks to the sponsors (the prize fund was very pleased!). With great pleasure, if will have opportunity, we will come again next year.

12.02.2017 / CAC-UA
Judge – Ozan Belkis (Turkey)
10 ISs in the catalog

Mantra Des Princes De Minos – very promisisng, Best baby
Zabava Znaty Esmee – отлично САС BOS
Fiesta Valentyna Premium – отлично САС

Degenerative myelopathy: DNA test results of our borzoi

Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is a very serious disease, which is peculiar not only to the Russian doggy greyhound, but to many other breeds, which leads to paralysis of the hind limbs. The disease develops gradually and becomes clinically significant in age from 8 to 14 years. The first sign of the onset of the disease is a worsening of the coordination (ataxia) of the pelvic limbs. The dog’s gait becomes wobbling, the back of the dog falls from side to side. Reducing the control of the pelvic part of the trunk and the limbs leads to the fact that the dog can touch objects, it can enter, it can also strike against the edges of doors and other obstacles. With support, the dog can lean on the back of the fingers, drag them, sometimes erasing claws to ulcers and bones. The degree of manifestation of these or other signs is different and depends on the degree of duration and localization of the lesion. As the disease progresses, the limbs become weak and the dog begins to stand with difficulty. Weakness gradually increases until the dog stops walking completely. Clinical development can vary from 6 months to 1 year, sometimes more than a year, before, complete paralysis occurs. An important symptom is also a violation of the separation of feces and urine, as destructive processes affect not only the work of the limbs, but also the work of the intestine and bladder. This can manifest as incontinence of urine and even feces. It is important to know that this disease is not accompanied by a pain syndrome, if there are no accompanying painful other pathologies, that is, the dog does not experience pain.

To diagnose DM, a special genetic test has been developed, which can be performed at any age. A DNA test can identify a defective (mutant) copy of the gene and a normal copy of the gene. The result of the test determines the genotype according to which animals can be divided into three groups: healthy (homozygotes for a normal copy of the gene, NN), carriers (heterozygotes, NM) and sick (homozygotes for mutation, MM). Since this is a serious disease manifested in adult dogs, usually in older dogs at the age of 8 years, according to some data from 5 years and earlier. Preliminary diagnosis can only be done through genetic research. There is no DM treatment. If there is no treatment, then this disease and its development should be prevented. And in order to prevent the development of degenerative myelopathy, we – breeders, it is necessary to investigate all dogs that are used in breeding, to make the necessary tests, and DO NOT use in breeding sick dogs.

Two months ago, we sent DNA samples of 7 borzoi from our kennel to the Zoogen laboratory in St. Petersburg (Russia) to conduct a test for the presence of DM (in Ukraine there is no laboratory that does this DNA test). We express our deep gratitude to Galina Zotova, our colleague, the breeder of Russian greyhounds, who promptly delivered DNA samples of our greyhounds to the laboratory. Today we received the long-awaited test results and are happy to announce that 6 of our greyhounds on the genotype of healthy  (Kasya, Zlata, Danja, Rusya, Darik and Dimka) and 1 borzoi  is carrier (Lana).

Great news from Argentina – Circuito Canino Internacional!

We received fantastic news from Argentina! 😀
Our sweet borzoi puppies Zabava Znaty Dali & Zabava Znaty Divina have got debut on 15th February in neighboring hot country – Uruguay and it was BIG success!!! Two shows in Punta del Este by one day: Dalí was the best borzoi, he won on both shows The Breed (BOB) and the Group (BIG-1), Divina was best of sex (BOS)! And now me darling puppies became new Junior Champions of Uruguay! I am so, so happy! Many thanks to the judges Juan Alberto Grillo & Aida Rivera Franco (both from Colombia) and BIG congratulations to the owner Cecilia, kennel of russian wolfhounds “Eudaimonia”!

Dali – 2*JCAC *jBOB 2*BOB & 2*BIG-1 Divina – 2*jCAC 2*BOS


Zabava Znaty Dinastiya – Danish Sighthound show

What a fantastic news we received today from Denmark! Our “little” girl borzoi Zarina (Zabava Znaty Dinastiya) was showed first time at the Danish Sighthound Clubs X-mas show and won BOB puppy and took 3rd place in BIS puppy. Quite a nice debut in her show career! Thanks a lot to the judges Ruth Wagner and Nina Neswadba for those nice results. Also, thank you so much Poul for your care about Zarina. A big hugs to you from all Zabava Znaty family and good luck in the future with her!!

Danish Sighthound Clubs X-mas show
Judge –  Ruth Wagner (Luxemburg)
Zabava Znaty Dinastiya – very promissing, Best Puppy, BISp – 3

We have italian greyhound puppies. Litter E – Diadem & Fiesta

In our kennel Zabava Znaty were born puppies from italian greygound FIFA (Fiesta Valentyna Premium) and our handsome black star DIADEM (Diadem Di Sangue Regale), Czech import. This mating was planned even before the appearance Diadem in our kennel, more than a year has passed since that time. And then, finally we got long-awaited babies from this beautiful couple. 9 June was born IGs litter “E” – Fifa gave birth 6 wonderful puppies – 2 males and 4 females 🙂 She heard all our requests and gave us one black girl! All the other puppies have blue color in different shades.
On this day, I and Alina Stakhorska, came to my home earlier, we decided to have a little sunbathe, make new pictures of the borzoi puppies, etc. Also on this day was scheduled activate of Russian Borzoi litter. Everything went according to schedule. Since it was very hot during the day. I asked Alina bring me a water. Because my strength and patience were running out. And at this moment, when the cynologist has already begun to make tattoo on the first puppy, instead of a glass of water Alina came out of the house, saying that FIFA started to give birth. Whew … Less than two hours when the light appeared all 6 puppies of italian greyhound. Thank you very much for your help Alina during whelping Fiesta-machine gunner! 🙂 I would not handled it by myself for sure. Thanks also to my mother Violetta, who promptly flew to the rescue! Just like in the movie “Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers!” 🙂 In general, everithing is done, borzois have documents already, microchips and personal tattoos and Fifa with her beautiful IG puppies. Thanks again for the help to my mother Violetta, good friend Alina and cynologist Tatiana Ohrimenko for expeditious activation my borzoi litter! The pictures of our IG puppies from the litter E see below. All babies are born with a good weight, healthy, with beautiful and long heads like their parents and thick coat. Happy viewing 🙂

♥ Enzo  ♥ Esther  ♥ Ellen 
 Ewan   Estelle   Esmee 

Firstborns of Apriori Kassiopeya & Solovyev Triumph – Russian borzoi puppies

In our kennel took place a very welcome joy! Well, there is simply no limit to our happiness!!! April 23 the day of X and expensive asterisk Apriori Kassiopeiya bore 9 charming Russian Borzoi puppies, their most beloved and long-awaited firstborn – 6 boys and 3 girls 🙂 Babes in color from one parent does not hurt someone like a mom who-then dad 🙂 And of course Kasenka heard our pleas give us a couple of kids similar to his famous great-grandmother Atamanka, which produced 3:3 inbreeding. Two white and black kids boy and girl 🙂 They were born last and they as a gift of fate for us! Newly mommy with children feels great and transmit huge hello to his beloved dad Solovyev Triumph! Thank you very much for the warm welcome Marina – Triumph’s owner, for delicious tea and sweets after 17 hour road to Moscow. Babies are proved our efforts and hope! A detailed pedigree of the puppies you can find below. A few kids are still available for the reserve. Puppies are only offered in responsible hands know the breed.

Zabava Znaty Debyut Zabava Znaty Daniil Zabava Znaty Darian
Zabava Znaty Dali Zabava Znaty Dobroslav Zabava Znaty Dimitriy
Zabava Znaty Divina Zabava Znaty Dinastiya Zabava Znaty Desnitsa

 Pedigree of the litter  -D-

CH Eurasia 2014
Solovyev Triumph
Rus, RKF, Dk, Mex, JRus CH
JWW-08, WW-10
Solovyev Favorit
CW, TCH, FT-Hare
Int & RUS & UKR Ch, EUW-03
Oaklara Marina By Starlight
Rus CH
JWW-10, WW-11
Solovyev Gvardia Belaya
Solovyev Ulan Udaloi
Crufts W`07 (BOB)
Atamanka van Wisinskaja

Apriori Kassiopeya
INT CH, Jun.Rus Ch, Rus Ch, RKF Ch, Kz Ch, Club Ch, Rus Grand Ch
Staraja Russa Kristofer
Rajalinjan Flash Thowra
Int, Fin, Norw, Lith, Swe, Dk, Lv, Rus, Est, Pl, Balt, Nord Ch WW-06 EW-05
Staraja Russa Dushka
Rus Ch, Bl Ch, RKF Ch, JWW-2006
Solovyev Legenda
Snegovik Homierovitch Boldareffchino
Crufts W`07 (BOB)
Atamanka van Wisinskaja

WE EXPECT Puppies of Russian Borzoi :)

We are very pleased to announce that we expect the birth of puppies Russian Borzoi at the end of April! This is the first litter of Russian Borzoi, who will be born in our kennel. We are very serious and careful in selecting future groom for our Russian Borzoi Apriori Kassiopeya and also will choose carefully for the future owners for our puppies! In February, we visited Moscow and our groom, which in our opinion is ideal for Kasya. Our kennel had the honor of the first to breed this amazing dog not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia. Specifically:
SOLOVYEV TRIUMPH – young, stylish, with a long coat and a very effective dog from the famous kl “Solovyev”. Despite his young age he has already well established itself and attract the attention of many lovers of the breed. Winner of titles: Junior Champion of Russia, RKF, Champion of Eurasia 2014, Club Champion, multiple winner of the Best-in-Group, Best of Breed at the show “Eurasia 2014” BIS JUNIOR on “Eurasia 2013″, BIS JUNIOR on”Russia 2013” , qualified for the most prestigious exhibition CRAFT England 2015 and all these well-deserved victory, he was not reached 2 years. TRIUMPH descendant of two World Champions. Father Solovyev Favorit (World Champion 2008, World Junior Champion 2010 , International Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Champion of Russia, RKF, Champion of Denmark, Mexican Champion, Junior Champion of Russia, etc.). Mother Solovyev Belaya Gvardia (2010 World Champion, 2011 World Junior Champion, Champion of Russia, RKF, Interchampion).
APRIORI KASSIOPEYA – elegant bitch with terrific character, excellent conformation, rich coat and plush movements. Winning titles: Junior Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Champion, Candidate to International Champion. Kassiopeya descendant of two Multichampions. Father Staraja Russa Kristofer (import Finland) – International Champion, Grand Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, RKF, Champion of Kazakhstan, qualification Coursing – CACL, qualification for racing – CACL, Club Winner, etc. Mother Solovyev Legenda – Multichampion, Junior World Champion 2006, Champion of Russia, RKF, Champion of Bulgaria, Champion of club, etc.
Buying a puppy in our kennel all puppies will have UKU documents, individual tattoo, chips, veterinary international passport and all necessary vaccinations according to the age. ONLY RESPONSIBLE HANDS knowledgeable BREED! Are recorded on the puppies.

Italian greyhound puppies. Litter “C”

After a long cold winter IG Tusya (Zabava Znaty Tionetta Fire Lady) has made for us a expected spring present 🙂 On the first day of spring, March 1, in our kennel were born three charming italian greyhound puppy 1 boy and 2 girls isabella color. This is the first  IG litter born in our kennel from female of our breeding. It is also the first puppies in Ukraine born from male imported from famous kennel in Italy – Saverio Dei Raggi Di Luna. Our kennel had the unique opportunity the first  to use this young and promising male with an Italian-Belgian blood. Our italian greyhound puppies were born weighing from 140 to 170 grams. Mom and kids feel good and pass congratulations to daddy Saverio Dei Raggi Di Luna. More information about puppies from this litter -C- and pedigree can be found in section “PUPPIES”. Concerning purchase of the puppy, please call to +38-063-971-79-96 Ludmila, or write emalis: klzabavaznaty (at) gmail.com

 Camalika   Courage   Cleopatra 


Breeding plans 2014

In 2014 our kennel Zabava Znaty is planned two litters of Italian Greyhounds and one litter of Russian Borzoi. This year is very important for our kennel! Puppies will be offered only in responsible hands who know the breed with careful selection of the owners!
   Before the New Year  was mated our favorite golden girl Tusa (Zabava Znaty Tionetta Fire Lady) with the Italian macho Saverio Dai Raggi Di Luna. Puppies expected at the end of February / beginning of March. Saverio promising young male who has successfully exhibited in Ukraine. On the main international exhibition of Ukraine “Kyivskaya Rus 2013” became Best of Breed of 13 IGs participants. Has excellent anatomy, a long breed head, excellent movement and very sociable character. We believe that he will be a great pair for Tusai, which also has all these qualities, in addition, she has the titles of Junior Champion of Ukraine and Ukrainian Champion. The detailed pedigree of the future litter may be consulted in section PUPPIES or BREEDING PLANS.
   Also in March,we are planned mating Fiesta Valentyna Premium and our black male Diadem Di Sangue Regale (Czech import). Acquainted with pedigree breeding pairs you can follow the link by clicking on the name of Diadem or Fiesta, or Puppies / Breeding plans.
♥   In February we are planning mating Borzoi Kasya (Apriori Kassiopeya). This is the first litter of Russian Borzoi in our kennel. We are very serious and thorough approach to the choice of the future grooms for our girls, and also carefully choose for the future owners of our puppies! All information about our current and future litters you can find in section BREEDING PLANS

If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us in any way convenient for you: email:  klzabavaznaty @ gmail.com   Сall: +38063-971-79-96 Liudmila

Infanta Margarita iz Barhathoj Knigi – new family member

I would like to introduce our new member of the kennel Zabava Znaty – italian greyhound INFANTA MAGRARITA IZ BARHATNOJ KNIGI. Acquisition of one more new member in this year to our kennel wasn’t planned, but the coincidence of life circumstances, in age 1st year , we’ve got a cute little female IG Margo. In her very young age, she changed the owners and we could not remain indifferent to this baby and happily sheltered her.
Our new italian greyhound from Perm, russian kennel of IGs “Iz Barhatnoj Knigi”. Her father is a famous Moscow male InterChampion/MultichampionIlya Muromets iz Ozherelia, breeder and owner is Marina Kuznetsova, a woman with the 20 years of experience breeding IGs, owner of IGs kennel in Moscow. Margarita’s mother aslo from russian breeding – Alcina Seniora Yarsi.
Margo affectionate and very “delicate” girl, thanks to her former owners and breeder Tatiana for this little demon in our family )) She quickly joined to collective of our kennel, all our dogs immediately made ​​friends with her and took her in family. In general, we present you our new isabella beauty Margo 🙂

Debut of our IG Diadem Di Sangue Regale – Gomel (Belarus)

Finally, the debut of our italian greyhound Diadem Di Sangue Regale was done! By tradition, 22 of September , our friendly team of IG-lovers went to Gomel, Belarus 🙂 We started at 2 am, took the time to spare, so as not to miss the show, effortlessly pass the border and at 8-9 am already be at the dog show. In fact, we have already arrived at 7 am, as our driver for some reason decided that we have a difference in time with Belarus one hour … Therefore, the time was more than enough to prepare for the show. Regional Dog Show was held in the same pavilion where was in the past year. Expertise of 10 group FCI  spent an expert Tatiana Egorova from Russia. She is very closely watched the movement of dogs, exterior and especially teeth. I liked the exhibit under her, as it gives a very detailed description. Although the weather was rainy in Gomel and cooler than the last time, our Diadem debuted very successfully 🙂 Also participating in the exhibition took our northern Gorgeous Russian Borzoi Kasia (Apriori Kassiopeya), I very happy with her results! I would also like to say a HUGE thank you my  dear Irishka – friend from Gomel for your help to us at the show with Tanya Stanischeva. Ira, I was very happy to see you, hopefully soon we will see each other again 🙂 Well, the full results of our trip posted below:

FCI – CAC “National Dog Show”
Judge – Tatiana Egorova (Russia)
Diadem Di Sangue Regale –  excellent, JCAC JBOB BOB BIG-3
(finished Junior Champion of Belarus)
Apriori Kassiopeya – excellent, CAC BB BOB BIG-2
(finished Champion of Belarus)

Our IG puppies already 4 month old!

Our Italian greyhound puppies from litter “V” celebrating four months old today! How fast time flies … I want to wish our sweet puppies happy life in their new families and grow healthy and beautiful, most beloved, a lot of wins at DOG-SHOWS and all best! Congratulations to the owners of our babies – Maria and Alexander, Christopher, Despina and Penelope! Thank you very much for your care and love that you are giving them every day!

Italian greyhound puppies – Mom and Dad where are you?

A few months ago, more precisely on March 26 in our kennel was born the 1st litter from italian greyhound Fiesta Valentyna Premium and Polish fiance – Inuus Forum Romanum.  As a result of their mutual love, Fiesta brought into the world  7 puppies gray color,- 3 boys and 4 girls.Five puppies have already found their owners. The first moved to the new family Zabava Znaty Valensia. She continues to live in Kiev, co-owned with our kennel. The smallest Italian greyhound from this litter Zabava Znaty Valori left to Switzerland. Handsome Zabava Znaty Veroneze, at home we called him Ronnie will live in United Kingdom, where waiting for him a big show future 🙂 Activist and soul of the company Zabava Znaty Venecia will live in sunny Greece, and demure Zabava Znaty Vinona stay in our kennel. I wish all our puppies the happiest life in their new families! Two our gentleman Zabava Znaty Violant and Zabava Znaty Vasari is still in search of their best homes!

Poltava / Vorskla 2013 – IG Tusya

The weekend turned out saturation events and flew in an instant 🙂 Our Italian greyhound Tusya, she’s Zabava Znaty Tionetta Fire Lady, which is co-owned with our kennel, co-owner is Alex, this time we visited city Poltava. Visit to this international dog shows has been planned for two months prior to the date of its implementation. Everything went on as usual, and this week has changed dramatically. We had planned to travel by car, booked a hotel, has planned a walking route around Poltava,  but had to cancel because of the sick of Alex, which overtook him suddenly and out of season … I almost agreed to cancel the trip , because nothing worked to reorganize and just a day before everything was settled ))) Early in the morning I went to Poltava, 4 hours in the road and we are on the spot. The city is quite clean and compact , with a pleasant and polite people , they helped us to get to the exhibition, which was held in a cozy little park near the football stadium “Vorskla”. Part of the rings located on the street and part in the house. We easily found our ring, where the examination was conducted by expert from Poland Małgorzata Suprunovicz . The last time I was under her expertise in 2010 in Kiev, at the December dog show “Crystal Cup of Ukraine”. Then for the first time exhibited our Russian Borzoi Lana in puppy class, our result – Best puppy in breed 🙂 But let’s go back to Poltava. Italian greyhound Tusya showed herself well and got a good description, i took her prizes and decided not to stay on the show. Since the walk around the city alone i would not like, and go to the hotel, especially considering the distance and the time of the road, we went to our very good friends in the city Dniprodzerzhynsk 🙂 Thank you Marina and Oksana for the warm welcome and fantastically tasty soup and kebab 🙂  I’d love to stay away for a few more days , but the pipe is calling! In the morning I went back to Poltava on the second day of the show. During the second day of expertise was conducted by Jaroslav Matyas (Slovakia), judged was quickly and objectively. To summarize a very successful trip, I have been a guest of my friends in Dnipridzerzhinsk, which was going for a long time and still could not visit them, met a lot of friends at the show, and the most important achievement of this trip – Italian greyhound Tusya became Champion of Ukraine! Full results of the two days of the show, see below:

FCI – CACIB “Vorsla 2013”
Judge – Malgorzata Suprunovicz (Poland)

Zabava Znaty Tionetta Fire Lady – exc САС CACIB

FCI – CACIB “Poltava 2013”
Judge – Yaroslav Matyas (Slovakia)
Zabava Znaty Tionetta Fire Lady – exc САС CACIB
(finished Champion of Ukraine)

IG Puppies – Litter “V” 7 weeks old

Kids pencils are growing by leaps and bounds! Do not have time to look around, it’s been 7 weeks from the date of their birth. One sunny spring day I decided to make for our puppies a small photo shoot. The task was not easy, as most do not really spend much less of ONE! These restless are running, jumping, playing the fool in the warm sun already full. To implement my difficult idea for help have came my friend Alina Stahorskaya (owner of kl IGs “Silvento”) and Tanya Stanischeva. Thanks to our patience, perseverance, manual dexterity and the ability to scream Alina very funny sounds, we still managed to seat the 7 Samurai per 1 second and make the overall picture memory))) The results of our efforts are below 🙂 Thanks to girls for this is not easy labor and photos!

Golden Gates/Ukraine 2013 – Apriori Kassiopeya & Tionetta Fire Lady

20 and 21 of April in Kiev, were two main exhibitions in Ukraine – International Dog Show CACIB “Golden Gates 2013” and “Ukraine 2013”. This year on the main exhibitions of the country our kennel represented IG of our breeding Tusya (Zabava  Znaty Tionetta Fire Lady) and Russian Borzoi Kasya (Apriori Kassiopeya). On the first day examination conducted Rafael De Santiago from Puerto Rico. A bit strange refereeing expert and also, after his judging I did not understand what type IGs and borzoi he likes, as winners of classes differed markedly from each other … In spite of all we are very pleased with our results, we are very pleased with the Borzoi Kasya, which was not showed for a long time, became Best Female of Breed beating on a comparison of the two females in the class Intermedia and  Champions. Italian Greyhound Tusya received excellent description and lost first place in the class of his cousin ‘s Basilica. On the second day of the exhibition expert Tatiana Urek from Slovenia. This day also brought good results: Kasyaa became Champion of Ukraine,  Tusya became the Best Female of Breed and got her first CACIB!!! It was the first show where she exhibited in adult class.

Also we both days exhibited Inuus Forum Romanum at the request of its owner Elina. Inuus – father of our italian greyhound puppies  litter “V” , both days he won his class in older males, got his first CAC, and the second day also R.CACIB and became Champion of Ukraine! We are very pleased and proud of our dad 🙂 Congratulations Nina Koneva (owner) and Milena Myshkovskaya (breeder and handler) with a victory Sunnymoon Place Arnero, which two days in a row Best of Breed! Bravo! Separately want to congratulate Tanya Stanischeva and Alina Stahorska with debut baby Zenya (Silvento Euthenia). Zenya got excellent mark and good description of the experts. And of course we congratulate our good friends – Marina Schiman, Oksana Litvinenko and Katya & Vitalik Zykovy with victories over their Russian Borzoi at shows! For many years their dogs become BOB junior , Best Male and females, and of course, Best of Breed at the Kiev main shows. We once again congratulate all the winners and wish great victories in the future and see you soon! Full results of the ring IGs can be found in the ” Show Results ” Base IGs Ukraine. Our results are listed below :

FCI – CACIB “Golden Gate 2013”
Judge – Rafael De Santiago ( Puerto-Rico)
Apriori Kassiopeya – exc САС CACIB
Zabava Znaty Tionetta Fire Lady  – exc 2, R.CAC

FCI – CACIB “Ukraine 2013”
Judge – Tatiana Urek (Slovenia)
Apriori Kassiopeya – exc 1, САС R.CACIB
(became Champion of Ukraine)
Zabava Znaty Tionetta Fire Lady – exc 1, CAC CACIB

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