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Welcome to our website of Italian Greyhounds and Russian Borzoi kennel ZABAVA ZNATY! Officially kennel was registered in 2011, registration certificate number № 239/11 in the FCI. Geographically located in Kiev, Ukraine. Our kennel of sighthounds is relatively young, only 6 years old, we are making every effort to get healthy and beautiful dogs, with breed qualities corresponding to the official standards.

The main direction of activity is the kennel:
– Popularization of Italian greyhound breed and Russian Borzoi,
– Breeding and exhibition work,
– Participation in the competition of Lure Coursing.

The purpose of our work – a healthy, harmonious, strong, bright, beautiful dogs with stable psyche and counterbalanced temperament.

Our dogs are actively and successfully exhibited on dog shows at all levels. Have titles more than 25 countries around the world, have the qualifications for coursing. Our puppies IGs and borzois live around the world, today in 18 countries: Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Poland, Argentina, France, Denmark, Slovenia, Switzerland, England, Thailand, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Greece, USA, Germany and Austria.

All puppies, that were born in the kennel:
– Tested by cynologist from UKU at the age of 45 days (Borzoi), 60 days (ISs);
– Have a tattoo and microchip;
– FCI documents of Ukrainian Kennel Union (puppy card/export pedigree);
– Dewormed and vaccinated by age of modern vaccines, which is reflected in the veterinary passport and surrounded with care, attention and love.

Therefore, we reserve the right to require from future owners of our kids not just worthy, but the best living conditions, as all puppies reared with love!

A few words about how it all began…
In our family always lived dogs and each of them was a member of the family. Those were different breeds – German shepherd, American Cocker Spaniel and Collie. Italian sighthounds arrived at our house recently. We always liked them, attracted by its beauty, elegance, grace, and seemed some not reachable … magical creatures! When we lost our favorite girl collie in 2009, doubt in choosing the breed was not there. But still make the final decision – Russian Borzoi or Italian greyhound, was not so easy 🙂 After a family council, the choice was made. A small Italian Greyhound – Tsatska Zair Weise Kirhe, has appeared in the family, which has filled our house joy and care. Baby charmed everyone! She has became not just a friend, but much more. It is worth to have one Italian greyhound and you catch yourself thinking that IGs are never too much 😀 A couple of months later, in the family appeared blue Italian greyhound Fiesta Valentyna Premium.

IGs are amazing creatures in nature. Always in a good mood, very playful, gentle, charming and loving, loyal to their masters. At the same time, they are graceful and refined, not for nothing they are considered the breed of kings. Italian Greyhounds quickly became a beloved pet the most prominent and privileged persons in Europe, and the Russian Empress Catherine II as well. If  IGs very impulsive dog at home they are always there, where are you, the Russian borzoi almost invisible in the house. But when we take them to the field, the dogs turned into a ball of energy … Watch Russian dogs in the field, as they run and play – great fun!

Thoughts of the Russian Borzoi didn’t left us… Thanks to breeder Irina Rykova, kennel “Volniy Veter” and Kurian Anastasia that our dream come true! Joy knew no bounds, in 2010 year we had a prude – Letnyaya Belaya Noch iz Vilnogo Vetra. It was love at first sight! A year later, the passion for borzoi has increased more, and in our house appeared two borzois soon. They were from Russia – Bel Etual Zavetnaya Mechta from Moscow kennel “Bel Etual”, and Apriori Kassiopeya from Ekaterinburg kennel “Apriori”. Would like to thank the breeders of our girls to Parichenko Ekaterina and Vodyanaya Maria, for these wonderful dogs delight us with his presence in our home.

The idea to create the kennel didn’t appear immediately. Breeding is a responsible job, so within 3 years we gained canine  experience, dealing with Ukrainian and foreign breeders. Thanks to our dogs we met interesting and talented people, with many of whom are not only a love to Italian Greyhounds and Borzois, but also a strong friendship.

Always happy to make new friends!

Sincerely, Violetta and Liudmila, the owners of “Zabava Znaty” kennel

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