Zabava-Znaty-Daniil-Best-in-group-2-Belgorod-2017Russian borzois Zabava Znaty opened the exhibition season 2017 🙂 Our main fabulous male Danechka (Zabava Znaty Daniil) and his equally gorgeous mother Kasia (Apriori Kassiopeya), on 9th of April visited Belgorod city in Russia, where was the international dog show FCI- CACIB “Belyi gorod 2017”. Almost a year our borzoi Dania rested from the exhibitions on the couch, Kasia around 2 years for sure, but this did not stop Dania from getting around the young, promising, local male dog and becoming the Best Dog (CACIB), as well as the Best representative of the breed (BOB) in competition with local female. He closed the Champion of Russia and Champion of RKF (Russian Cynological Federation). According to the catalog, 5 Russian borzois were recorded at the exhibition, expert examination in the ring and Best of the 10th group was conducted by Aleksei Belkin (Russia). In general, we are satisfied with the results of our Russian wolfhounds, as Dania climbed one step higher to achieve the title of International Champion! Just a pity that Kasia has not received her last cacib… She would just completely fulfilled the norm and would become International Champion. There are no happenstance, so it’s too early to rest on the couch and we must continue to conquer the expanses of neighboring countries 🙂

Many thanks to Anna and Taras Mozheyko for spiritual travel company, for your support and assistance in the exhibition, as well as in the ring and after it, because to travel alone with two russkaya psovaya borzaya (borzoi) is quite difficult and it’s not easy travel like with Italian Greyhounds 🙂 So guyes, what I want to say, travel with you – a real pleasure, thank you! Special thanks for the photo to Oleg Bochkov. And our modest results of the trip:

09.04.2017 / FCI-CACIB
Judge – Aleksei Belkin (Russia)
5 borzois in the catalog

Zabava Znaty Daniil – exc CAC CACIB  BOB BIG-2  Ch Russia & Ch RKF
Apriori Kassiopeya – exc CAC R.CACIB Ch Russia

Borzoi Zabava Znaty in Belgorod (Russia)
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