Italian sighthound and borzoi kennel “ZABAVA ZNATY” happy to announce plans for the next two years.
2017 year: only ONE italian sighthound litter. Detailed information can be found below in this article. The birth of the puppies of the Russian Borzois is not planned this year. Puppies of Russian borzoids are rarely born in our kennel, in order to grow a litter, first of all healthy, high-quality and worthy puppies of Russian borzoi, this is a very hard work, worth not small financial costs, so we can afford this luxury not more than 1 time in two years.
2018 year: one borzoi litter & two ISs litters.
You can call us for more information by phone +38 063 971 79 96 Liudmila or  by e-mail klzabavaznaty @ or What’s up / Viber / Telegram. Preliminary recording for puppy is welcome.

We are very responsible for the selection of owners. Our puppies should get into loving and permanent hands, to owners with whom communication support is possible throughout the life of the pet. If you are NOT ready to become a part of our friendly family, then you should not buy from us a puppy…

Litter L ♥


We are pleased to announce that our Fifa IG (Fiesta Valentyna Premium) is pregnant! Her pregnancy was confirmed on ultrasound. Last puppies she had 2.5 years ago, in January 2015. In September of this year, Fifa will be 8 years old, so this will be her last litter (4th). After she fattening puppies, in order to prevent disease as females has, and other inherent given breed IG, in the future, she will be sterilized. Recall that Fiesta in the past gave birth to 3 wonderful litters litters and summarily produced 20 descendants: 12 males and 8 females (black, blue and gray color). Hopefully, this time, Fifa will please us wonderful kids 🙂

We do not accidentally choose a cream-colored male for our Fiesta, he was imported from France, named Leonel Royal Prize Du Zephyr De Bizance. He is a young, not big levret (36 cm), a promising boy who has just started his show career in Ukraine. An intriguing combination of blood, very interesting what color will have newborn babies. We look forward to these children !!!


The following year, after a 2 year break planned exit mated our blue IS Esma (Zabava Znaty Esmee). We still choosing the groom, there are a few interesting сandidates, which would have made a good pair of our Italian Greyhound girl. Detailed information: the name of our groom, the genealogy of the future litter will be published a little later, when we are already certain in future mating.


3 years after the last kids, we have again planned mating of our italian sighthound Tusia (Zabava Znaty Tionetta Fire Lady), isabella color, which is co-owned by our kennel. In 2014, she gave birth to a remarkable 3 puppies same clean and saturated color Isabella as herself. Detailed information will be published by the end of 2017, when we define with the dog. This will also be exit mating.

All puppies we sell are professionally grown on super premium food and natural food, examined by a veterinarian at least twice before the sale, vaccinated with modern vaccines, as indicated in their veterinary passport, have documents of the official dog breeder system of the UKU, FCI member.

When sending a request to us, we will be grateful if you write some information about yourself: who you are, from where, what is the purpose of purchasing a puppy (show / breeding / sport / pet), under what conditions will the puppy live (house / apartment). It is also important for us to hear your experience with the sighthounds, if there is no experience, then with dogs in general. Do you have other animals, please specify.

When we receive all this information, we will reply to you as soon as possible. We are very careful approach to the choice of the owners for our puppies, because we plan to keep in touch with the future owners of our pets throughout their life. If you are interested in a puppy, you can contact us by e-mail klzabavaznaty @ or What’s up / Viber / Telegram +38063 971 79 96 Ludmila

Breeding plans 2017/2018, puppies ZABAVA ZNATY
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