Finally, the debut of our italian greyhound Diadem Di Sangue Regale was done! By tradition, 22 of September , our friendly team of IG-lovers went to Gomel, Belarus 🙂 We started at 2 am, took the time to spare, so as not to miss the show, effortlessly pass the border and at 8-9 am already be at the dog show. In fact, we have already arrived at 7 am, as our driver for some reason decided that we have a difference in time with Belarus one hour … Therefore, the time was more than enough to prepare for the show. Regional Dog Show was held in the same pavilion where was in the past year. Expertise of 10 group FCI  spent an expert Tatiana Egorova from Russia. She is very closely watched the movement of dogs, exterior and especially teeth. I liked the exhibit under her, as it gives a very detailed description. Although the weather was rainy in Gomel and cooler than the last time, our Diadem debuted very successfully 🙂 Also participating in the exhibition took our northern Gorgeous Russian Borzoi Kasia (Apriori Kassiopeya), I very happy with her results! I would also like to say a HUGE thank you my  dear Irishka – friend from Gomel for your help to us at the show with Tanya Stanischeva. Ira, I was very happy to see you, hopefully soon we will see each other again 🙂 Well, the full results of our trip posted below:

FCI – CAC “National Dog Show”
Judge – Tatiana Egorova (Russia)
Diadem Di Sangue Regale –  excellent, JCAC JBOB BOB BIG-3
(finished Junior Champion of Belarus)
Apriori Kassiopeya – excellent, CAC BB BOB BIG-2
(finished Champion of Belarus)

Debut of our IG Diadem Di Sangue Regale – Gomel (Belarus)
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