Diadem Di Sangue Regale

Until today, the  kennel Zabava Znaty never had IGs or Russian borzoi males, except IGs puppies from the last “B” litter of course 🙂 We are very long time could not decide on this step, but after much deliberation, weighing all the pros and cons, it was decided to bring IG male in kennel. And we  began to search … It was spent enough time and effort, and, behold, we are pleased to present the result of our search! 19 of March in our kennel came a new family member , our first male, the black pearl of the kennel Zabava Znaty Italian Greyhound Diadem Di Sangue Regale. Diadem originally from the Czech Republic, with a stunning psyche, anatomy from the kennel “Di Sangue Regale”, which is a breeder Marketa Uhlirova. In his pedigree collected the blood of two well-known European IGs kennels: “Du Domaine De Chanteloup” – this is one of the most famous of French and Norwegian kennel of sighthounds “Talata”. We are very grateful to the breeder and the first mother Makreta for our little black MIRACLE! More information about Diadem and his pedigree can be found on his personal page.

Diadem Di Sangue Regale – male #1 in Zabava Znaty kennel
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