We are very pleased to announce that we expect the birth of puppies Russian Borzoi at the end of April! This is the first litter of Russian Borzoi, who will be born in our kennel. We are very serious and careful in selecting future groom for our Russian Borzoi Apriori Kassiopeya and also will choose carefully for the future owners for our puppies! In February, we visited Moscow and our groom, which in our opinion is ideal for Kasya. Our kennel had the honor of the first to breed this amazing dog not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia. Specifically:
SOLOVYEV TRIUMPH – young, stylish, with a long coat and a very effective dog from the famous kl “Solovyev”. Despite his young age he has already well established itself and attract the attention of many lovers of the breed. Winner of titles: Junior Champion of Russia, RKF, Champion of Eurasia 2014, Club Champion, multiple winner of the Best-in-Group, Best of Breed at the show “Eurasia 2014” BIS JUNIOR on “Eurasia 2013″, BIS JUNIOR on”Russia 2013” , qualified for the most prestigious exhibition CRAFT England 2015 and all these well-deserved victory, he was not reached 2 years. TRIUMPH descendant of two World Champions. Father Solovyev Favorit (World Champion 2008, World Junior Champion 2010 , International Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Champion of Russia, RKF, Champion of Denmark, Mexican Champion, Junior Champion of Russia, etc.). Mother Solovyev Belaya Gvardia (2010 World Champion, 2011 World Junior Champion, Champion of Russia, RKF, Interchampion).
APRIORI KASSIOPEYA – elegant bitch with terrific character, excellent conformation, rich coat and plush movements. Winning titles: Junior Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Champion, Candidate to International Champion. Kassiopeya descendant of two Multichampions. Father Staraja Russa Kristofer (import Finland) – International Champion, Grand Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, RKF, Champion of Kazakhstan, qualification Coursing – CACL, qualification for racing – CACL, Club Winner, etc. Mother Solovyev Legenda – Multichampion, Junior World Champion 2006, Champion of Russia, RKF, Champion of Bulgaria, Champion of club, etc.
Buying a puppy in our kennel all puppies will have UKU documents, individual tattoo, chips, veterinary international passport and all necessary vaccinations according to the age. ONLY RESPONSIBLE HANDS knowledgeable BREED! Are recorded on the puppies.

WE EXPECT Puppies of Russian Borzoi 🙂
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