27 of May – it is my dad’s birthday. This year he had an anniversary – 50 years! The first gift my father received from our blue italian sighthound FIFA (Fiesta Valentyna Premium). Early in the morning at dawn appeared long-awaited puppies. Fifa gave birth to 4 wonderful healthy puppies: 2 boys (isabella with blue mask and gray one) and 2 gray girls. All the babies were born weighing +/- 200 grams. Recall, that this is the last Fifa’s litter. Since in September she will be 8 years old.

The boys received the names Leo and Lazurit, the girls – Luna and Lyra.

Zabava Znaty Lazurit – symbol of good luck, success and prosperity. It is a mineral of blue or blue with inclusions of golden pyrite, creating the impression of stars shining in the dark blue sky. Lazurit – a stone of communication, it provides transparency and clarity of mind, allows you to clearly and logically express their thoughts. His vibrations help to properly organize everyday life, reduce tension and anxiety, reduce confusion and increase concentration. He has the ability to reveal the creative potential of the individual.

Zabava Znaty Leo – In translation from Greek means “king of beasts”, “lion”, was also used by the ancient Israelis. From the Hebrew it is translated as “heart”. Leo’s name means the need to dominate. And – regardless of how justified such a desire in specific circumstances. Conflict with someone who is certainly stronger – not scary, but rather the opposite – provokes. With age, only the “weight category” changes, and priorities remain the same “Stronger, higher, faster”. The main features: intelligence, goodwill, justice, spinelessness.

Zabava Znaty Luna – a natural satellite of the Earth. With the lat. Means “enthusiastic”, from the Proto-Slavic – “bright.” It symbolizes the propensity to continuous movement. “Egoza” and “fidgeting” in childhood, practically does not change with age: the love of changing places, inability and unwillingness to appreciate stability in any form often cause loneliness. But loneliness does not weigh down. On the contrary, it is often perceived as an obligatory attribute of freedom, which is the only way of existence, the basis of motivation, a “fetish”.

Zabava Znaty Lyra — was named after a small constellation of the northern hemisphere, lying between Hercules and Lebed. Means predisposition to the life of the ascetic. Able to sacrifice, not even for the sake of some high goal, but simply because “he can afford it.” Give your favorite toy. To turn from personal happiness for the sake of another’s happiness. As a consequence, there is an urgent need for the presence of an “application object”. There must be someone to whose feet you can “throw the whole world.” Otherwise, life will not make sense.

Our IG litter L is here out of Fiesta + Leonel
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