In our kennel Zabava Znaty were born puppies from italian greygound FIFA (Fiesta Valentyna Premium) and our handsome black star DIADEM (Diadem Di Sangue Regale), Czech import. This mating was planned even before the appearance Diadem in our kennel, more than a year has passed since that time. And then, finally we got long-awaited babies from this beautiful couple. 9 June was born IGs litter “E” – Fifa gave birth 6 wonderful puppies – 2 males and 4 females 🙂 She heard all our requests and gave us one black girl! All the other puppies have blue color in different shades.
On this day, I and Alina Stakhorska, came to my home earlier, we decided to have a little sunbathe, make new pictures of the borzoi puppies, etc. Also on this day was scheduled activate of Russian Borzoi litter. Everything went according to schedule. Since it was very hot during the day. I asked Alina bring me a water. Because my strength and patience were running out. And at this moment, when the cynologist has already begun to make tattoo on the first puppy, instead of a glass of water Alina came out of the house, saying that FIFA started to give birth. Whew … Less than two hours when the light appeared all 6 puppies of italian greyhound. Thank you very much for your help Alina during whelping Fiesta-machine gunner! 🙂 I would not handled it by myself for sure. Thanks also to my mother Violetta, who promptly flew to the rescue! Just like in the movie “Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers!” 🙂 In general, everithing is done, borzois have documents already, microchips and personal tattoos and Fifa with her beautiful IG puppies. Thanks again for the help to my mother Violetta, good friend Alina and cynologist Tatiana Ohrimenko for expeditious activation my borzoi litter! The pictures of our IG puppies from the litter E see below. All babies are born with a good weight, healthy, with beautiful and long heads like their parents and thick coat. Happy viewing 🙂

♥ Enzo  ♥ Esther  ♥ Ellen 
 Ewan   Estelle   Esmee 
We have italian greyhound puppies. Litter E – Diadem & Fiesta
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