This weekend we visited the beautiful old city – Lvov, a city with tens churches, narrow streets,cozy cafes and unique atmosphere. Advances in the city’s cultural life has been highly appreciated in 2009 and Lvov was named the cultural capital of Ukraine. In this city took place International Dog Shows — CACIB “Cup of Lemberg” and “Cup of Galychyna”. Despite the fact that the organization of the show was not the best, in fact as well as show results, we had a great weekend! We saw many of the city’s main attractions, as well as the central square “Rynok”, where every building, every monument, and even every stone has its own amazing story …

FCI-CACIB «Cup of Lemberg 2011»
Judge – Pogodina Viktoria (Ukraine)

Fiesta Valentyna Premium – exc 2 R.CAC
Letnyaya Belaya Noch iz Volnogo Vetra – excellent without title

FCI-CACIB «Cup of Galychyna 2011»
Judge – Pilikin Viktor (Russia)

Fiesta Valentyna Premium – excellent without title
Letnyaya Belaya Noch iz Volnogo Vetra– very good

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