In Moscow on March were the biggest exhibition in Russia — International Dog Show FCI — CACIB «EURASIA — 2012″! The first day was judged by Espen Engh (Norway), he is owner of the world-famous and successful greyhounds kennel — «JET’S».  We exhibited both days in the junior class. In the 1st day Dog show of the 9 females in junior class, was 4 dogs who had received marks Very Good.

The second day was judged by Stelios Makaritis (Greece). He is judging was very attentively. His expertise has been milder compared with the first day. The overall impression about exhibition — the show was interesting. There were many beautiful and deserving dogs. I would like to express my gratitude to all people, who were at the show with us, who helped and rejoiced with us for our results. Many thanks to Mozheiko Anna and her husband Taras, Nastya and
Oleg, Lyuba and Galina Largina, Marina Kuznetsova and Kravishvile Nina!
As for the first dog show which was exhibited Cassiopeia, she received excellent results:

FCI-CACIB “Eurasia 1”
Judge – Espen Engh (Norway)

Apriori Kassiopeya – exc 3
(junior class — 9 dogs in class)

FCI-CACIB «Eurasia 2″
Judge – Stelios Makaritis (Greece)

Apriori Kassiopeya – exc 3
(junior class — 9 dogs in class)

Moscow — Eurazia 2012
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