The well-known expression of Julius Caesar: «I ​​came, I saw, I conquered!» — it`s about us. We are pleased to introduce you our new family member — Apriori Cassiopea! Kasia came to us, covered over 2,500 km from Russia, from kennel «Apriori»,– breeder is Maria Vodyanaya. I`m very grateful to Maria for our girl, because she pleases us with her presence in our home. Also I would like to express my immeasurable gratitude to all people who helped deliver home Cassiopea — Shiman Marina, Litvinenko Oksana and special thanks to Svetlana Snoz! Thank you very much! For more information about Kasia you can found at her personal page Apriori Kassiopeya.

Russian borzoi — Apriori Kassiopeya
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