This weekend, on 11-12 of February, in Zaporozhye city held two national exhibitions “Zaporozhye Cup 2017” and “V.I.P Dog Zaporozhye 2017”. Within the framework of the second, a mono-breed show of lewrettes was held, the main initiator of which was the second year – Talina Savenko. Due to family circumstances, unfortunately, past mono-breeds in Lviv (organizer Oksana Rodych) and in Zaporozhye in 2016 were missed.For two years we were limited only exhibitions in Kiev. After a long break, we decided that it’s time to come back and stretch our and dog’s bones. In addition, there were several excellent reasons for the trip: the dog show should be not in Kiev, I longed to break out somewhere for some time, I want to support the organizer of the mono-breed show of the italian greyhounds, well, and to see how will shown in the ring our white star of the kennel – Manyasha (Mantra Des Princes De Minos), which we bought in France a couple of months ago. So, we decided to go one day back and forth.

Specialty show took place February 12, 10 IGs, it was stated in the catalog. Unfortunately, not all italian sighthounds (levretki) arrived, so it was only 9 dogs. Examination in the ring was conducted by Ozan Belkis (Turkey). We were the first time under his expertise, the first impression was good. A pleasant man, he examined dogs carefully and carefully, without sudden movements, dogs were not afraid of him, paid much attention to movements, carefully examined the teeth. He really liked our Mantra, which debuted at 4 months in the BABY class, the expert noted the ideal movements in such young age. I want to note that before the show, we didn’t visit the Hengdlig halls with Mantra. Honestly, they took it with them for socialization. I was very pleasantly shocked when our white diamonds calmly left the ring, well, how calm, jump-skok of course, but not a frightened girl, but a very cheerful and joyful wagging tail. Mantra showed herself perfectly, she was well on the table, the expert examined his teeth calmly himself. The girl stood still and did not climb on my head. I am very happy her debut, I can say that he has passed on 5+.

Also, after a year’s break in the show ring acted our Esma. Despite the slightly full condition after the birth of the puppies in August 2016, she became the Best Female in competition, and also the Best representative of the opposite sex (BOS), because BOB won male. Even after a 4-year break in the ring, our old lady Fiesta, who this year will turn 8 years old and she will move to the class of Veterans.

I want to thank our friends Kate and Sasha for assistance prior to and after the ring, for pleasant company and a mini tour of Dnepropetrovsk, where we went after the show. In general, our dogs have shown themselves perfectly, who for the first time, who after a long break. We were very satisfied with the organization, thanks to the sponsors (the prize fund was very pleased!). With great pleasure, if will have opportunity, we will come again next year.

12.02.2017 / CAC-UA
Judge – Ozan Belkis (Turkey)
10 ISs in the catalog

Mantra Des Princes De Minos – very promisisng, Best baby
Zabava Znaty Esmee – отлично САС BOS
Fiesta Valentyna Premium – отлично САС

Special IG show in Zaporozhye (Ukraine)
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