23-24 of February in Kiev have passed two national dog shows “Cup of Acana 2013” and “Cup of Espri”, which were  attended by our two Russian Borzois – Lana (Letnyaya Belaya Noch iz Volnogo Vetra) and Kasya (Apriori Кassiopeуa).  Both days expertise were performed by judges from the Czech Republic – Karel Horak and Petr Rehanek, very pleasant judges, I thank them for the examination of my Russian borzoi!

Thank you Alina Stakhorska and Tanya Stanischeva that came at the exhibition to support us and make the company, also many thanks to Milena Myshkovska, Nina Koneva and special thanks to Vlada and Slava Ushakovye  for the photos from the shows of  my favorite borzois! Our full results from dog shows:

FCI-CAC “Cup of Acana 2013”
Judge – Karel Horak (Czech Republic)

Apriori Kassiopeya – exc САС
Letnyaya Belaya Noch iz Volnogo Vetra 
– exc САС ВОВ BIG-3

FCI-CAC “Cup of Espri”
Judge – Petr Rehanek (Czech Republic)

Apriori Kassiopeya – exc САС ВОВ BIG-1
Letnyaya Belaya Noch iz Volnogo Vetrа – exc САС


Borzoi – Cup of Acana 2013. Cup of Espri
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